Document Management assistant:

It is a document management system designed to store and to access your documents from anywhere, at any time, from any device, very quickly and easily.

In CaptoriaDM every type of document, can be indexed and searched rapidly with the least possible user effort.

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CaptoriaDM - benefits, features and tips:


Create your own document categories with how many fields as you like to be used for search


Every field may be shown with its own color for a fast discrimination.


Quick search

You may do a quick search with part of the information associated with your document. You may also do a composite search by combining several keywords and document contents.



CaptoriaDM includes an advanced OCR engine so that documents can be searched by optically recognition of characters.


All document types

There is unlimited storage for any type of document type: pdf, jpg, word, excel, powerpoint, emails and more. Also, system provides a document preview as well.

All doc types

Pay as you go

You will never have to worry about system setup, maintenance, support, upgrades or anything else. You simply select a monthly payment plan and you are ready to go. Plans are based on the number of users and the amount of storage space used.

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Each document has its own version history, classification, keywords and access rights.


Data monitoring

The system performs continuous monitoring of document contents, users, viewers and other user definable actions.


User management

Users have specific access rights for deleting, editing, approving, changing classification of documents and more.

User manager


Users and documents,have a specific classification, making it impossible for users to see documents of a higher classification than their own.


Document collaboration

Users can add comments at documents, making internal intra-company communication easy.

User community

Strong Security

In CaptoriaDM your documents are stored in an isolated secure vault, away from the system itself. The vault manages your retrieval requests, giving access to the right documents, while the rest of the archive remains protected from unauthorized hands and eyes.


Mass Document Import

Mass Import feature automates the process of uploading a large number of documents as you want.

Mass upload


Every document type can be assigned to follow a specific intra-company workflow for approval and distribution among departments or users.



Suitable for personal use even for small archives such as house bills, expenses, guarantee forms, photos, spreadsheets, documents etc.


Smart Devices

You can access your files through any smart device using either a web browser or the dedicated CaptoriaDM app.


Unlimited Storage

Document storage is full expandable, so you never have to worry about running out of space.



Reporting tools are available, so that you know the number of documents in the archive, the space occupied, the user session, etc.



We can provide a full backup of your documents and keywords upon request, or you can schedule periodic backups, for example: at the end of every month to receive a full backup of your data at your office.


Data Entry Keywords

For large document archives we can undertake the task of data inputting of keywords.



Customer support through email, skype, phone 24/7.


No matter the size of your document archive, Captoria DM is the right solution for you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to serve you. Also, special system customizations can be done upon request.

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